The Ultimate Skin Routine for the Business Mogul

The Ultimate Skin Routine for the Business Mogul

We all dream of glowy skin! One thing I’ve almost mastered during this quarantine is my daily skin regimen. There can be times when stress and turmoil can take a toll on your skin. These beauty products were created for you to have the ultimate glowy skin routine….I’d like to call it “glowy must-have skincare, makeup, and body products”.

written by : The Business Mogul

SHEY Body Oil

The SHE-Y Body Oils are made with Shea Oil from Ghana as their main ingredient and other precious natural oils. Available in four different fragrances: Sweet Musk, Fresh Coconut, Eucalyptus, Earth

“The SHE-Y brand focuses on creating luxury products that preserve the importance of old traditions.” – Menaye Donko, Founder of SHE-Y

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